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Breaking Bread with Benn Grim

May 1, 2018

The 2018 Best of Hartford Magazine winners seemed a bit off when I perused the list this year. The deeper I got, the dumber it sounded, (like McDonald's winning best french fries) and I had a couple friends that contacted me and felt the same. On this episode of the podcast I partner up with 3 awesome and influential personalities that pretty much dominate the field in their prospective markets. Sarah McCoy from Story and Soil Coffee, Ben Dubow of Bistro on Main and Heather Riedl of the Mercado food truck and el Pollo Guapo restaurant. Together we dismantled the list, gave kudos to those that deserved, shouted out the forgotten, and had a hearty laugh at the insanely undeserving. Intro/Outro music is a track by Career Crooks titled "Good Luck With That."