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Breaking Bread with Benn Grim

Mar 20, 2018

Today I joined forces with three of my favorite women from the Connecticut food scene. Kristin Eddy is an accomplished pastry chef that works her culinary magic for such establishments as Millwright's, Cook and the Bear and Porron and Pina. Winter Caplanson is the mastermind, photographer and writer behind Connecticut Food and Farm Magazine. Carrie Carella is the Connecticut Cupcake Queen and founder/owner of Middletown's NoRA Cupcake Company. I sit down with these awesome women to discuss something we do not have in common... and that is being a successful woman! Each one of these women has a firm grip on their profession and I get a glimpse into what it takes to be a respected, professional, business minded woman in todays cutthroat and ever changing food service/restaurant biz. Intro/Outro music is a track titled "12/12/12" and it is a secret song you can only hear if you purchased the "Dry Aged" tape that was released Feb 24th. If you want one send me a smoke signal and wire transfer.